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Search Engine Optimization

Get a Lyft From Your SEO Agency

Improve your digital presence with a trusted SEO agency right in your own backyard. With all the fly-by-night agencies that popup, its good to know that you can hire a Plano SEO Agency with leadership with deep roots serving Texans with high-quality Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization,
Matching Our Talent with Your Opportunity

Lyft SEO is a reputable search marketing agency that is able to understand your business objectives and deliver solutions based on time test methodology.

At Lyft SEO Plano TX, we begin by understanding your business, your objectives, and your competition. This Discovery Process allows us to customize a solution to meet your needs and maximize your ability to compete in your market.

Our challenge is to discover what your ideal consumer is searching for online and what drives them to click and make a purchase. Once we have mastered this step, we are able to build a keyword and digital strategy to deliver customers to your website.

Competitive Research

Since SEO is all about where you rank for key phrases in relation to your competitors, the second step in our process is competitive research. We need to properly identify your online competition, know their digital strengths and weaknesses as well understand their strategy.

Understanding the competition’s strategy is crucial for long term success. Not only can we outmaneuver them, but we can also piggyback off of their more effective campaigns and learn from their mistakes.  The Lyft team will identify what kind of Search Engine Optimization campaigns your competitors are leveraging and build a plan for your business to move in on their search footprint. Based on your budget, we will look to outperform them or take large chunks around the edges of the market.

Companies that do not use a digital marketing or Search Engine Optimization company can still find ways to drive business for certain keywords and phrases, but the chances for long term success are limited by what the competition is doing.


Keyword Research

Lyft SEO will use industry-leading tools couple with wisdom guided by experience to conduct keyword research based on your business needs and offerings.

The keywords (phrases) will be broken down into three categories:

  • Focus Keyword Phrase: the core keyword chosen for each page.
  • Ancillary Keywords: the set of keywords that will appear in the specific page content that reinforces the focus phrase and ads value to the reader and the search engines.
  • Long-tail Keyword Phrases: these are the phrases that drive niche traffic for what you do. They tend to be on the long end of the distribution graph for search traffic but the users are more likely to act. The more specific the search, the more intent the user has to act.

On-Site SEO Services

In SEO, we speak of On-Site and Off-Site SEO. On-Site SEO, sometimes called On-Page, deals with optimizing items on individual web pages in order to rank higher. Generally speaking, On-Site SEO is the cost of entry to better rankings and Off-Site SEO is the rocket fuel that gives you the Lyft. (Do you need SEO Services in Frisco?)

Our agency experts will make detailed recommendations per page and if we have access, do most of the updates. We ensure that the search engines understand the topic for each page and it is tailored to the users’ intent.

Our On-Site SEO team will map out all URLs that need to be updated and/ or added to your strategy, including current and recommended meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and h1 tags. Ideally, each page should contain unique title tags and content. Using the correct title tags can sometimes have an immediate impact on your Google rank.

Meta descriptions are not used for rankings but they can be seen on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These describe what the user can expect to find on the page if they click thru. With meta descriptions, it’s important to focus on getting the user to click to your site, and not to stuff the description with keywords. After we improve your on-page SEO, we will track and analyze keyword performance to determine which pages might benefit for more work.

It is important to remember that all the content on your site may contribute to pages and topics being ranked on Google, even if the exact target page is not ranked, it may be contributing to your relevancy on a topic.

Once completed, we re-evaluate your on-page SEO each month and resolve any issues found in our audits so that your site is in line with the latest Google changes.

Off-Page SEO Services

This refers to optimization techniques that we use that do not occur on your website. It is part of the holistic SEO digital marketing strategy and critical to your success. In this process, our SEO agency researches and plots ways to get links to your website and mentions of your brand across the digital landscape. Our objective is to create brand signals about your business and your products or services. Google determined long ago that real business gives off similar signals. They are mentioned in news articles, people search for them by name and they show up in relevant directories and industry magazines. The more prolific the brand, the more prolific the signals.

A few of the place we try to great links and signals form include:

  • Niche-specific blogs
  • Relevant news sites
  • Trade publications
  • Niche online communities
  • Professional associations and groups

Getting high-quality links to your website is the most difficult thing we do. SEO is a popularity contest, and we refer to it as link popularity – it is not enough to be popular, it is about being popular with the right websites.

Full Technical Optimization

Watching Paint Dry Warning. We know this is boring for you, but we have a team of SEO Tech Geeks that compete to see who can get the highest scores on technical audits.  Page Speed and “Core Metrics” are some of the things that Google uses to grade your website. Our agency specialists dive into the smallest details to make sure that Google loves all the little technical nuances of your website.

As part of your Search Engine Optimization package, we work to make your website as mobile-friendly and accessible as possible within its current design framework. We improve website loading speed addressing JavaScript, cache, CDN, and CSS issues.

Weekly SEO Reports Data-Driven Corrections

Lyft SEO implements campaigns in a measured approach to ensure the least amount of negative ranking fluctuations. It is important not to do everything all at once and to do the important stuff first and add slowing add to the supporting task. Our SEO digital marketing team will develop a solid digital foundation then build upon it to generate a consistent and cost-effective stream of qualified traffic to your business and brand.

Lyft will set up reporting and tracking systems to collect data across all platforms so that we can monitor our progress and make adjustments based on the data.  You will have access to reports that update weekly and access to our leadership team to discuss the reports as little or as often as you like.

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